Heh, just realized I never put up Gwen

    Gwenhwÿfar Price comes from low birth origins, the daughter of a stonemason, which makes her granting of a leftenant’s commission under Krafton’s command all the more remarkable.

    Her skill with a bow is equaled only by her ambition and ability to inspire those under her. Krafton has recognized another skill in her however -The simple demeanor that marks her low birth allow her to cultivate a very unassuming and unremarkable presence, one that is often paid little mind by others of higher stature. Despite her skill as a soldier Krafton is slowly grooming her to become one of his most trusted agents, and entrusts her with increasingly complex and sensitive tasks.

    (I really Gwen. I created her specifically for my board game work, but I like her so much as a secondary character I think I might flesh out her background and see if I can fit her into my stories somewhere).

    Also reminds me I should get off me arse and actually finish my game…