Well if I remember right you’re more of a fan of classesless or less bounded systems anyway. Nothing wrong with that of course, lots of flavours of RPGs, but I wouldn’t blame you if you never touched newer versions of D&D for that reason 😛

    It’s all fine to say “there’s no healing magic”. Even saying “more powerful magic drains mages, makes the weary, etc.” and hope the GM has enough sense to keep in the bounds of the setting.

    But I’m not looking to just create a setting. I’m looking to create a game designed to be played in that setting.

    If I was just doing something like a setting book or campaign guide.. I wouldn’t care. The Inner Sea World Guide is 315 pages, with 275 of those having zero rules in them. But I’m looking to create an actual game that gives players a grounded framework to play a character that fits into my setting.