Godfrey. A reclusive hermit that lives in the woods outside Riltar (one of three towns on the gameboard). A druid of sorts, and old friend of Marcellus.

    Penelope Cadwell. Young and talented sorceress that serves as a court adviser to Lady Milner of Whitstone. She is hot tempered and quick to anger, at the same time determined and driven. She often gets into verbal sparring matches with Donnovan Krafton (who claims she lacks a sense of humour). Penelope and Marcellus have a somewhat turbulent relationship, and she’s possibly the only mage he actually trusts.

    These were characters I created when I was just messing around in ePic, liked the result, and decided to use them for.. uh.. something.

    This one here I think I’ll use for my “necromancer” storyline, which is one of the two main storylines that can be played in the game.

    This one here I actually don’t have a purpose for.. yet. I just liked it :). The bow is from a different set, was exported and clipped separately then photochopped onto this character.

    Still got more of them to come 🙂