I too am unable to receive any content other than the demo.

    I donated $10.00 with the guarantee of getting the program for free.
    “You will recive the program for free a choosen platform (pc, android, ios).

    It was then announced,
    “We discussed about the marketing with my partner, and it’s seems the program will be free, and the characters separatly downloadable.
    Since you gave me trust, moral and material support for this project, i want make a special character for you.”

    To this I replied,
    “What does this mean? Am I still getting the full program as I had envisioned with all the characters, props, and backgrounds?”

    Rita answered,
    “The program will be free. But the content will be paid.
    The donators of course will recive the contents, plus a donator pack. The donator pack based on feedback probably will be pregenerated characters (in differend body type and poses), and monsters (still can set the background, companion, and frames). It’s just a little extra for you.”

    By “contents”, I was lead to believe that I would receive all the character packs. Now it seems I’m getting a program that’s free anyway, a $5.00 character pack not even chosen by me, and some pre-made characters which defeat the purpose of the program.

    If I am to not receive all “contents” as I was lead to believe, don’t fix my email problem. Use my email to send $10.00 to my PayPal account.