I find it a bit of a cop out to say that you made the program better than what I deserved after I donated and waited.

    I started up the program and both humans had the carts removed. I then clicked on the bonus pack to see if it was pregenerated characters. I hit the triangle button. The program then tried to download several files but displayed “Failed to download files” after every attempt. It then returned to the main menu. I tried with the male human. The program failed again. I also tried the female human to no avail. I have yet to get my $10.00 worth.

    I hope you won’t stay with the “challenge/response” system. There is no guarantee your server will always be available. I’ve seen people wind up with software they can no longer use when a company folds. Will I be able to install this on my other computers?

    I supported this program because my daughter and I can use the characters for reference for our art and stories. We don’t want pregenerated characters. This should be a tool for our creativity, not a showcase for the designer.