Hi androidlove,

    Your email was hidden at the indiegogo portal, so I’ve added you to our database now.

    When we’ve started the campaign only the human packs were planned, and when we promised we will give you the content at that state it was all we could offer. The donator pack is not as useless as you think, as it features some quite nice figures that would not be easily obtainable if you would need them in any scenario.

    As a supporter, you receive the program and a demo character for free (as everyone else), and two packs (the human male and female), which can be obtained for $9.98 separately, or $8.49 in a bundle, plus the donator pack, which was mentioned above. The dwarf packs were started by the end of the campaign, and the elves were much later, in autumn.

    As the release plans changed a bit from the point of starting the campaign, the program at it’s current state is lot more than we’ve though it would be, and with more material of course, as in the meantime Sade was busy making new packs, and the former human packs are much bigger now than they was when we stated you will receive them.

    Please let me know if you are now able to use these packs in the program. Thank you!