almost 50 🙂 (still need make alot of postwork on them 🙂
You say he does not seems enough strong? *giggles*

the truth is why i decided i make it first, because the adventure pack is perfect for.. well.. adventurer.. but if you want make a little bit more fighter like character.. it will not fit.

i plan to make in this set many many different type items, what makes fighter from a simple adventurer. shoulder and chest items, loins, a little bit different tops, loins, and weapons.
.. you know, just items, what gives you a little bit bigger freedom 🙂


and of course full plates, chainmails, and others..

and yes, i will make warrior, with hard armors for the muscular too.. 😀 and yes, i think he will seems far more impressive in full plate like him.. 😀