Does same model mean you can use the items on both of them?
    Mix modern with adventurer?

    Because I like the female model from modern very much, can she be the female adventurer too?

    I like the idea of more small packages for a basic model, your face, hair, makeup choices can make absolutely different characters.

    I also like skins and faces where you can change the model to a whole other stereotype, like zombie skin for human female
    So I would like more races just by changing skin and face, like making an elf out of the character without changing to elf model, just by almond eyes, long ears, long hair…
    Like the way they make different races in Star Trek, just by some facial masks.
    We have some of these in the packs, demon, undead, and all the different species in the antropomorph pack come to my mind. So I would like if you would carry on with that kind of options.
    So a races pack just full of these new faces and skins would be welcome.

    For my eyes the difference between the two items is:
    without shadow looks like its painted on the body, flat, covering the skin
    with shadow it stands out, it’s above the skin and the body.
    I was perfectly comfortable with the old version too, but I’m always amazed when Sade raises the quality another level.
    HD pictures with realistic looks is what makes this program excellent.
    I better like realistic, lifelike than cartoony.