it will be modern barbarian (the next muscular pack will be “wardog” pack (means military stuff).
the dwarf character 2.0 on my list yet, because i want make for every character at least 5 pack. (im on half way)

we made the mix and matching with the following system:
They will be some MAIN characters (the muscular guy, the female, and the this guy).
We release thematical pack for main packs. under the main character you mix and match as you want, but you cant mix out of the main character (like you cant mix the muscular guy’s barbarian outfits with this guy. but you will can mix the muscular guy’s barbarian, or wardog outfits with the muscular guy’s superhero wardrobe)

and of course you will can mix and match the modern and fantasy wardrobes too, what is good for shadowrun, or post apocalypse stuff..