yes, the new hd characters will be mix and matchable (you can decide which pack you want see in her/his wardrobe). this is why i wanted to build a consistent thematic plan (thanks for the other artist, Zsanna!)

the female character will be the female what you see in sorcerer pack. we decided choose to her as universal character. she is enough muscular to being warrior, but not over muscular, so she can be elf too (here is some preview from the upcomig dark elf addon, the dark elf wardrobe will mix and matchable and perfectly with spellcaster wardrobe)


i dont want to make too much separate packages what is not thematic,i want give the skin and races to the pack, not separatly, or if i make separate pack with hairs, skins, and body/face hair, it will be free.

sorry about my english, as i told: this model is universal. you can change to him example to asian with one click (just choose the desired “skin”)

Making elf from him, is similar.. just choose the elf, and not asian.


(again: sorry i cant release and elf face and long hair yet, because
1. its work in progress
2. this is the ADVENTURER pack, not the elf-ranger pack, it will be different thread.)

Ok, you talking about demons and undeads in the human male-adventurer pack, perhaps because i was understandable. the question was: i told which packs i planned to release (general, spellcaster, ranger, etc). the ranger pack will contain the elf race, its pretty obvious, but which race suggest to others?
I’m not lacking of outfit race, or other ideas, i dont tell everything because i want stick to topic’s theme. 🙂

i allways like to “flying” in the themes, ideas. this forum thread not just keep you updated, but help me focus too, helping to put everything in this pack, what you need. (as you remember, i forgot the beards? shame. but yeah, im not perfect).

This pack will contains (can be changed, its all on your feedback)
– 60 outfit items
– 10 base skin
– 10 special race (which one should?) skin
– 20 weapons
– 10 hairs
– 10 facial hair
– 5 companion
– 1 background
– 4 background item

130 new item for the character

or you dont want see this much skin, and want see more outfit? comments, suggessions are welcome!