Hotkeys could be useful but only marginally as far as I’m concerned, except for some keys that could facilitate navigation through the interface (read left/right and from screen to screen 😉 ). But yes, we do need big buttons and icons, definitely, otherwise they would be indistinguishable from each other.

    Yes, of course, this is arguable about the buttons with text since they could indeed benefit from being smaller (especially where your screen rez makes them overlap with sliders, that’s another story 😉 😛 ) but for buttons with pics, they are just fine the way they are. 🙂

    One point: if I want to do a snapshot, I just export the file. And then I work on that file, I add quite a lot of material from external sources in other softwares, and the final file, in a different resolution (ususually higher) is the end result. Because of that, I wonder how useful would be a 120×100 export. As I see it, higher rez means better, but lower ?… :unsure:

    OTOH, I support jrgfx’s idea about having many packs active at once. I usually do just that too and I keep looking for workarounds in order to reach my ultimate goal.

    Which makes me think : some of the creatures or items available in ePic (1 & 2) are actually bigger than the frame. :unsure: Is there a way to export them without cropping them in some way ? Resizing would be fine but well, that’s not an option… yet 😉 😛