here is the answer for gfx part (LBandy will answer the code part)

– i like the fast save, fast export icon. (the first version of the program was on same screen). i have to tell, i didn’t liked the different screen idea first, but i used to it very fast.

– i see the meaning of slots, but i am not sure how much people would use. but we also will discuss about it.

– i am almost never used all of the packs same times 🙂 when i do, only for skins. (about it i many times thinked how can we turn on all packs “body” part only.

Thank you for your suggessions, and feedback it means me alot 🙂

(just a little spoiler:
– the fantasy warrior pack is ready, it will be released so soon.
– the next patch will contains a little update, two new subcategory for making everything more mix and matchable :))