Okay, yes… where the program DOES have a lot of good space that’s use for the character creation. I believe that there’s a bit too much ‘bloat’ for the software. the buttons used are actually very big for the menus like “hair, hair preset, and so on and so forth. For instance, that space where there’s a mask in top center? can be used for button icons there, for Fast Export and Fast Save.

    As the software already creates a png file and snapshot of a save, it wouldn’t be actually difficult to create a snapshot that renders not a large 1200×1000 character shot but something like a 120×100 snapshot, at the time of saving, and references it as, like you said, a different icon. Even though the player would still save the main character file elsewhere as customer requested, a temp file can also be placed within a specific directory, and then the program simply needs to access that directory upon three events. Start, Load and Save.

    Start would be simple. It checks for the 10-12 possible save slots, and if there is something there, it grabs the thumbnail and posts it up as a thumbnail in software.
    On save, these change so it would know to append or replace one of the save-files available. And when loading, it takes NOT the file that the player saved, but that save backup and uses IT in the software.

    Now, as far as your comment about ” It’s also quite rare to have all owned packs active at the same time.”

    I found just the opposite. I LOVE having an outfit ready to go, but when I see the male face, I can be like… “Meh, I like this one” or “that one” and being able to go through 60-70 different male bodies to find the one I want is paramount. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine it with just using one pack. I’ve almost purchased all Season II packs expressly for this reason…

    With that said, please don’t think I’m saying the product is bad for any reason. I actually LLLOOOVVVEEE this product, and am really thinking hard about getting the pro license.

    In fact, I’ve been meaning to try to contact you to see where i can help with the software.