Duh, I just realized the downloads were available. 😛

    Expected to see them in the posts.

    A few comments then, since you’re asking:

    First upload [Robot] looks very fine (I like it, really a lot, even “bought” it 😛 ) but – provided you’ve got he right packs – I believe it can be done with ePic itself. Maybe original (ie: as in just “not in another pack” 🙂 ) stock art would be better ? (note this is a question) 🙂

    On the other hand, your second [Armor] release feels better as far as “generic stock art” goes. To be honest, I would personally have zero use for such a piece of fantasy armor, but I guess someone designing a fantasy setting would certainly not think like me. 🙂

    Feels like tough choices there. 🙂