oh, yes, it does. Noldor and Silvan Elves, then, basically. Two elven packs ? High Elves & Wood Elves (call him Fairy Elf if you want to keep the “Fey” reference) maybe ? 🙂

    Because to me an actual Fey (the flying kind, with wings fluttering of fairy dust, dressed in a gauzy attire and with a magic wand 😉 ) is definitely a Fey. 😉 😛 I was trying to reconcile her, and Brownies, etc, etc… in the same pack. That’s why it just didn’t fit. 😛

    Now, you asked me a question. I’d go for Wood Elf (or Common Elf/Fae Folk… etc…) but these are my personal tastes. Assuming that this one is more akin to Tolkien’s Silvans in attire, weaponry and attitudes, it just “feels” more interesting. Now It’s essentially an opinion based on a feeling. If you plan on doing things differently, please, do what you will. 🙂