hullo, thanks for the answer, my net is so ..bad :S
so a traditional marvel-dc-vertigo-etc universe latex wearer superheroes 🙂 niiice, noted it 🙂 (i originally didnt plan it, because it have herofactory, and heromachine, and the cartoon style fit these for me, but yes, it have meaning. so superheroes pack for both gender added), thank you 🙂

for supernatual race: greens 🙂

i was big comic fan when i was younger (and i never really grow up from it), but my two favoruite was the sandman and the spawn, and one vertigo comic, i dont remember the title, perhaps the lost boy or end of the world? something similar about a yound boy who only alive all over the world (i think from gaiman too)
(and i stop it, because some other comics also poped into my mind, what i should mention, thor was also good 🙂 thank you 🙂 (ah, and i loved Domino too, but i doubt anybody would remember to her :3
i know what you mean Kelemelan thank you, just i wanted to be sure :))
(supers is also means supernatural urban thingies like buffy, teen wolf, lost girl, and others)
again sorry for my english, thank you for your answer 🙂
my plane go to saturday, about 1 month when i earn internet at my home (i hope it will also have unlimited net), but im a workaholic, so if i can, i will upload wips, and stuffs.
lbandy soon i think will add some extra for ork race too :)) (for free)
if you have any suggession, or comment, or idea about the characters, please write it 🙂
Also dont forget about our monthly challenge, summer raffle will be over soon, so buy tickets, and vote to us on steam 🙂
have a wonderful day