[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2935]I was trying, but I couldn’t really make out the names on the map. Can you tell them to me? I always enjoy maps, and especially the names people give to seas or mountains and such.
    Also for inspiration, but I promise I won’t steal anything :)[/quote]

    I’m left handed and I have like the world’s worst handwriting. 😛 And using PCs has gotten me out of the writing habit too, so it just gets worse. 😛 😀

    And okay… since you promised. 😀

    Ora Dornai (came from moving magnetic letters around on my fridge.)
    Pinnella Vale (same – magnetic letters)

    The rest all came from Yafnag and Fantasy Name Generators. Just changed them a little bit to suit me.

    [quote=”Kelemelan” post=2936]Valiant effort, still, don’t you think pen (or pencil) and paper (+ scanner) would have made it easier to you ? :)[/quote]

    Nah… I was writing a chase scene and I needed to see clearly for myself who would get to the girl first and the timing of everyone else. Just a little quick thing. 🙂 I just posted it for fun. 🙂 (And to show off my dreadful handwriting.) 😀

    I would like a whole world map with details but for just timing a series of scenes, this did what I needed. It’s a race to the border basically.