Yeah…. so you get exactly what I mean. In the first book I had to sort out a group breaking up into six parts, one with children that had to get to safety first, the main group with the three targets the bad guys are after, two decoy groups, and the last two groups who also served partially as decoys. All had to break apart to get to their destinations by a certain time and then later each group had to reconnect with the main one. Was kinda difficult pulling it off time-wise so it made some sort of sense.

    In this book, i have several groups again, related to three different governmental powers, and a few ‘bad guy’ groups and the main characters in their separate groups, all trying to come together at the same time for epic things to happen. But this time… the location spans several countries instead of just one, including overseas. So stuff has gotten bigger and a bit harder to sort out time-wise. Right now as a first draft I’m just letting it flow, but when I rewrite I’m gonna have to really think about everything making some sort of sense in that respect. No such thing as teleporters or waypoints in my worlds. There’s no magic. So it’s all gotta make sense. 🙂

    It’s fun to write though. I swear i love it almost more than anything…. almost. 😀