Sure, that’s why I also said “or when current comp won’t be able to run it”. I had that same distasteful experience with Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich which decided not to work due to changes in the OS for a looooong while.

    From the sound of it, you’re having the same kind of issues with Skyrim as I understand it. Technology and software are evolving but our machines aren’t unless we spend more money on new comps anyway. 🙂

    Now, in my mind tabletop, doesn’t mean face to face. A virtual tabletop is fine with me. Especially since we all have our own issues and it’s easy to make schedules meet when everyone is in fact staying at home. So, yeah, online games are fine, but I’m still more of an old school RPG guy anyway, even though I’m using new tools to that end. 😉 🙂