😀 Skyrim isn’t online thankfully.

    The only online game I’m currently playing is Guild Wars 2. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on online games, most of it in PWI, but GW2 is Buy to Play so once I bought the game I never had to put another dime in it. But I do know what you mean….

    And no… I have backups on top of backups for everything, including Skyrim. 🙂 I’m prepared. 😀 Plus, that would be a challenge too. Starting over and rebuilding the game as I want it from the ground up. Fun. 😀

    The thing is, I am alone about 99.9% of the day, every day. My only social interaction is online. 😛 I wouldn’t know anyone to play a tabletop game with. My youngest son is mentally disabled. I thought after he got too violent for me to deal with and moved into a group home a few years ago that I would have more happening in my life but, with PTSD and depression and all I ended up a hermit in my house. 😛 So online games for me. 😀 I do get what you’re saying, but… I think for me, those days are gone. At least right now.