Well, the thing is, with modding, there’s a challenge in making all the pieces work together. I get almost as much joy out of taking a hammer to my Skyrim and mashing all those mods in and making it run without crashing as I do actually playing the game, if that makes sense. 🙂 I have 255 mods crammed in there and many more you don’t see in the list because they’re merged. I think my Nexus thinks there about 325 or so. I also make my own mods. (I have one on the Nexus for Oblivion btw.) I get kidded a lot by my daughter because when I’m on a Skyrim kick I always end up fiddling with mods and ‘breaking’ my Skyrim. 😀

    But yeah, I can see the RPG paper thing. Ultimately, I write to escape in the same way. I don’t play games like that because I’m usually alone.