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    Another thing I would LOVE to see is a way to set up several instances of Skyrim with different mod sets like I can do with Minecraft. I’d love to try some of those HUGE mods like Enderal, but I don’t want to lose all the work it took to get my current set up going. 🙂 But I do kinda hope I can still use DirectX 9. This pc is old and honestly I can’t afford a new one any time soon. I’m worried it’s gonna come out and my pc won’t be able to run it.

    That’s exactly what Mod Organizer does. That’s why most modders stopped using Nexus Mod Manager. MO makes modding Skyrim WAY easier.

    Can get slightly tricky with mods that install via exec or without MO support, but basically you keep your Skyrim /data/ directory clean and MO streams in a virtual file system depending on what profile you have active. Works really slick. Also doesn’t overwrite anything, so you can more easily resolve and revert with mod conflicts.

    DX9 support is a problems with Windows 10. It limits VRAM to 3 or 4 gigs. Regardless, pretty sure Fallout 4 required a DirectX 11 GPU, so likely the remastered Skyrim will as well.