😀 That campaign sounds like fun. Very crazy.

    Ironically, I didn’t drink and still don’t. 😀 But it was fun anyway. My dad wasn’t too happy though. One of the guys who played with us drove a HUGE Harley and also didn’t drink so he drove me home once. 😀 And he was complete biker dude, leather, tattoos, etc. Sweet as he could be but scary to look at back in the 80’s. 😀

    By the 90’s I had stopped playing. I had 2 kids. Life changes then, yeah?

    Yeah – my first DM was super smart and very unforgiving.

    Thanks about the book. 🙂 Yeah…. slow going. Already at 126,000 words in the second book though. Another epic. 😛 Maybe someday I’ll finally get them up on Amazon.