Pizza and much drinking….and a lot of smart guys….sounds like my RPG sessions in the 90’s and the early years of our new millennium. Guess not much has changed 🙂

    I remember them fondly, but we had trouble finding a good DM. The one we had was a great guy, but not very consistent in his storytelling, and without much authority, he was a bit too nice, and allowed us all kinds of freedoms with the rules…

    I remember one time (here come’s grandpa’s endless and boring anecdote 🙂 ), that we had to attack a city held by an evil prince. Well, we had the Polymorph spell, and our DM allowed us to use it as much as we wanted. And the description in the Player’s Guide said the spell was….Permanent!. So we went to a flock of sheep and polymorphed them all into flying Pegasi. We had several Bags of Holding, which could hold infinite weight without weighing much themselves, and with several strength potions, we filled those with huge boulders and loaded them unto the pegasi.
    Then, we proceeded to bombard the city from the sky….

    After that, the story kind of fell apart, as no one could take it seriously anymore and it ended as so many sessions, with too much wisecracks and Monty Python references. Still, good times!

    Oh, and congrats on the finishing of your book chapter! Its always great when something large is finally done 🙂