[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=3051]Looks nice! Reminds me a bit of the movie Conan the Barbarian.

    (one of my favorite movies, with my favorite actor of all time: Arnold Schwarzenegger!)

    He had a pretty cool leather helmet in that movie, and a necklace of teeth, perhaps someone could make that one day…:whistle:


    Yeah I like Arnold too. 🙂

    i actually had some crowns and such planned, but i’m trying to stay away from ‘known’ stuff, so it won’t be exactly the same. Already drew sketches for a bunch of things I want to do. Still learning how to make the art work with the program to the best effect. I don’t have much by way of textures and all so I’m literally just painting each piece.

    [quote=”Kelemelan” post=3054]Yeah well, something looking alike that is. NBCUniversal/Comcast could be a pain in the butt on that one.[/quote]

    Yeah – I worry about stuff like that too. Gotta make sure everything is unique.