I moved it from the thread, sorry, i respect Fasold’s characters :))
So yes, you have right 🙂 but slashing mobs without anything behind.. is not my cup of tea 🙁 🙂
it had a boardgame, Last Night on Earth, i won with one guy, the university team captain with a baseball stick, i couldn’t resist play in character, and all of my Last Night Session had a kinda roleplayingish feel.

in boardgames not necessary to be winners and loosers!
*look behind*
We have a Rune Age boardgame example (we not use it often, but when we do it’s fun), its full cooperative, or we fulfill the quests and all won, or yes, the dragon is stronger, and we all lose :))

And Ghost Stories.. it have a special kind of feeling 🙂 its a cooperative game, but a hard one. a genial one :))