Oh, yes, lack of fullscreen mode was really a pain. I really agree. 🙂 Actually, It still is for me, you’re part of the lucky few 😉

    I’m really sorry, I’ll do my best but it’s been ages since I’ve played with an elf at my table. I’m really more into modern stuff and from time to time low fantasy/sword & sorcery, so if you ask me for feedback about elves I don’t have much to say. I’m using them as slim humans, basically. 😛
    That’s why I asked for elves with shorter ears if you want the whole story. 😉

    Now, on to what’s important: I love the modern female pack! 😛
    Hope the Modern Male pack will be up to the challenge. The Female Super pack should be quite interesting too. Pity that looks like an awful look of work. Bon Courage. 🙂