[quote=”Kelemelan” post=3730]The Eagle Icon is for companions/SFX/Auras etc…

    Moving things around is kinda tricky. In order to do that you need:
    – for that item to be movable (some just aren’t)
    AND for that item to be currently selected and active
    So, for instance, normally you can move the character him/herself around BUT, you need to select the Silhouette/Skin icon first. It won’t work if you’re current selection is “necklace” or “cloak”.

    About the logo, this should answer your question 😉 :


    And where the code is involved, well, that’s beyond my ken. ^_^[/quote]

    Yes I understand all that about moving and being on the right item and all,
    I just did not realise when I bought the Modern female from packs 1 that the pack did not have the same ability, or I would have bought a different pack from season 2 instead…

    It might do good for the devs to add a few extra info on the products to be sure potential buyers understand that. I know that you can probably find the info if you search up on the site, but it is always better to have all the info available on the product description… but that is for admins etc….

    Thanks for your answer Kel