Hi, sorry for the late response, it’s NY Day here…

    I am attaching pics to show what I mean… I don’t really see the silouets after the app loads, but as the pics hopefully show, I can not access the last (5th) icon on the menu…

    The first is the Modern Female loaded but under the highlighted butterfly icon, is the icon that looks like an Eagle or bird, and I can not click/highlight it as it does not seem clickable. p4.jpg
    I also can not move anything including the model in MF 1 and the logo covers her legs, is that intentional ( I also now can not move the logo out of the way in the 2 series either, because can not access 5 icon)

    As you see in the pic below tho, if I use the random button, backgrounds etc show up in the randomizor….. p3.jpg

    The last 2 are from the season 2 bases (fantasy) but same problem there, last icon non clickable…



    Also, I don’t know if you can see it in the pics, but packs I already bought and loaded last week and had no trouble with, now have the chain half way round again, I noticed that last night too.