:cheer: Hey Sade and Kalemelan!

    Thanks! Btw. Can’t do anything yet re purchasing packs {no bank card yet!} Please tell me that the “Modern Male” pack has shoulder-length hair. For female please make longer hair? Like just below the breast line?

    Sade? I’m serious when I say that your work is top notch! Keep it coming!

    Btw. For “TWM” we need a couple of “unusual” character presets maybe. Unusual in that we are setting this in the 1960s. So these characters might look out of place. They are three sailors from the 1700s. Here they are:


    They aren’t pirates. But if we need a “Pirate” pack to create them then that’s fine.

    These were made with Plotagon too.

    Using Plotagon for the book illustrations and considering Epic for the film’s character creation.

    Oh yaa! Any way to show characters moving, talking or seated? That’s prbly for both tech people and artists…

    Get back to me,
    Dylan :cheer: