hello 🙂

More Modern Pack coming soon 🙂 (female modern, and female scifi)

The characters are not 3d. I used alot of different technique. 3d, 3d overpainter, painted, photo, photo overpainted, mix photo and 3d and paint, etc. this is the reason because its NOT POSSIBLE to export it any than 2d format 🙂 even the simple 3d renders have lot of postwork 🙂

But here is the information:
I used the daz’s character GENESIS (what you can freely download it from daz3d.com. you will find alot of outfit and hair and stuffs for it too from 2 to 200 usd, if you want make a 3d version for yourself. Be careful, if you try it, you will see, the outcome is not pretty like on daz site, or with epic, but with postwork, experiment and exercise can be.)
I alter the model in ZBRUSH (it have daz-zbrush bridge, what is pretty handy), and i textured it in old way photoshop, or zbrush spotlight texture, or just overpaint the render. Zbrush is very hard, but it’s VERY VERY VERY must have program, if you want work in 3d. (Or alternative the free Blender, but i think nothing beats zBrush)

In the first seasons every face was same , just the texture made the differences (means eyes, nose etc at the same coordinates), but in 2nd seasons i changed it, and
the heads had been sculpted, even different eye/nose/etc coordinates, and even different head shape. this is why you can’t set makeup, and eye color, anymore.
I plan to make less “neutral” faces (i made actually already), but you can change it only with postwork.