🙂 Hey there Kelemelan!

    Hmmm…ok. 😉 Do you guys have a male either “Sailor” or “Pirate” pack??

    Btw. A few details about both projects and the reason for some of the “out of place” characters…

    “The Wandering Musician” is actually a project {first an illustrated first person novel that is a mix of narrative and singing and then an animated film} about the life of Jim Morrison {of the Doors}. It spans from spring of 1965 and November 11, 1968. I’m not giving up too much detail. Except that mixed in with the 1960s scenes {in addition to scenes from the late 1940s to 50s} are scenes involving ships and sailors from the 1700s…

    The other project, called “Friends” is an animated film having to do with the English rock group Led Zeppelin. It begins in early 1969 and ends in 1970 with their performance at the Albert Hall. The majority of “Friends” takes place in London. And there are some scenes from the Dark Ages and Middle Ages mixed in. So some of the period/fantasy packs will probably work. You did it again! Thanks!

    Writing “The Wandering Musician” right now. And beginning research for “Friends”…

    Get back to me on this,