Ideas and suggestions are much appreciated!

    The issue with scaling inside the software is that most libraries provide suboptimal results. There is a lot of fancy algo stuff in both Photoshop and GIMP that you can use to scale up or down either the characters, companions or items, that’s quality we can’t match with any internal scaling. We aim to provide a “good enough” experience with easy to use interface, and adding a lot of these more advanced functionalities not only makes the software harder to use, but also would decrease the overall usability because of technical limitations. So as a workaround, we do give you the option to export the character on layers using the PSD Exporter and then have full control of your characters in post-work, if you need this level of granularity.

    Multi-colored items is also a topic we cover often. Marking specific parts of the items that can be colored to one or the other is something we should’ve done when we originally developed the content. Everything was exported from real 3D, rendered models, and then postworked to improve the looks, but at this point, we no longer have any information on the actual models, so simply adding multi-coloring now is not possible. Like Kelemelan mentioned, the most common solution to this is simply duplicating the specific layer in Photoshop and then coloring the different parts and blending them together. So even while we can’t have all functionalities in the software, we do give you the tools to be able to manipulate the image further.

    I hope this helps!