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    Hi Bandy,

    I bought a Lenovo Legion Gamer lol, but NOT for gaming, for my business….

    I still have a way to go to be close to where i was. lots is missing that I need, like my Office tools, and of course since I had the old pc, the Soft guys have become even more greedy lol, with their cloud BS…. so I have to cover and replace my biz tools before i start loading the other things like any simulators…

    I do have to clarify something tho. Altho my software for ePic was in the pc’s actual drive, everything else, like the files that came with the “game” and all the characters I have made (including when using the software, everything I pulled up, or saved, was in one of my external Seagate drives. SO, when I download the generator again, and have my external plugged, will the new installation, go right back to the X drive everything else is stored in, or is it going to try to make a whole new folder elsewhere….

    I am hoping the answer is that is will find the old files in the X drive attached….