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    Hi SevenDos,

    Thanks for the heads up! Can you please confirm if you are seeing the detection on the installer, or on the executable after the installation has been completed?

    The false-positive detection on the installer has been removed from Windows Defender almost a week ago, please see the attachment. Chances are, you are still using older virus definitions, which you can update manually by following the guide provided by Microsoft:

    Unfortunately, this issue is not something that I can fix. Well, I could, by removing the networking module from our software, which I obviously can’t do, as it’d completely break the software. This issue only usually resurfaces after a new version is published and there are significant changes in the binary, like new features, as that changes the code signature and sometimes a new whitelisting process is necessary. Trust me, I’d be the happiest if Antivirus and Cybersecurity companies would finally learn how to identify threats and let safe programs run without issue, but unfortunately until then, this remains just a dream. 🙂

    Being a small developer where we provide an executable on our website without a significant number of downloads (that means over 100k/month) any software that tries to connect to the internet will always be marked suspicious by any AV software, so a manual whitelisting process, that is followed by detailed analysis carried out by the respective teams is necessary. After the software is whitelisted you can be sure that it’s safe, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been granted the whitelisting in the first place.

    On the other hand, you can always download the Steam version, since Steam is a trusted publisher, any executable installed by them is generally marked safe (unless it is truly a virus, as in that case, even Steam-installed executables are detected and removed):

    I hope this helps, I look forward to hearing from you.