From my vantage point, I find it cumbersome to randomize a character and then having to go through each individual item to get rid of. I don’t know the exact number but there’s at least a few dozen items available to pick in the program which are a lot to go through- especially if you have a slow computer.

    The other point is that sometimes the program randomizes the character to wear a suit *and* a top/underwear/pants/boots, etc. and sometimes it does not. So if I don’t want the suit, I’m left with- at times- a naked character.

    Other times if I hit the “Random” button again, it won’t randomize certain items, typically the underwear and pants. Especially if I stay with the default options on each. The character will keep those items no matter how many times I hit the “Random” button.

    Anyway, ultimately I bring up the suggestion merely to see if it could be done. I don’t know the program’s code so I don’t know what is and isn’t possible. That said, I don’t envision installing several dozen buttons or even an additional button to the interface. I’m thinking that the “Random” button simply be changed so that a dialog box pops up and gives you options for what you want to randomize, and only if you hit “OK” (which I could forsee a “Randomizer” dialog box having) will the program actually do something. Conversely, if you close that box instead of hitting “OK” it won’t do anything.

    This would give the program the desired functionality that I’m requesting and it would also help solve Kelemelan‘s problem too because accidentally hitting the “Random” button won’t automatically make you lose the character. If there’s no way to implement such a feature I will understand, though I do think it would be useful in the long run.