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    The main issue here is that the software uses exported 2D images – so what you see is what’s inside. The original models were actual 3D characters, with textured 3D items on them, which were then rendered to 2D and post worked in Photoshop. Being able to “rotate” the characters in the software is a matter of actually doing exports from all different angles of the characters and the items, doing the postwork in the same way on all angles, and then putting all of these images under different labels in the software. Since we didn’t feel this to be something important, we created the packs over the years with doing exports only from one angle, so enabling this functionality now would require all packages to be re-exported – given the source files were still available which unfortunately aren’t. I developed the necessary technology to incorporate these features in the software late last year, and the varying hand positions in the Throne packs are actually using this system – so creating characters with multiple positions or angles is now possible, but in the end, it’s up to the artist to decide what and how they want to put into the pack. In short, it’s not possible to add this to any of the existing packages sadly.