I really don’t want to start any debates or ruffle any feathers, but I want to respond to the nudity topic. First, I should mention there are a million different reasons as to why an artist would want to create a nude character, even one with pubic hair (which is a natural part of all of our bodies), other than “wanting to create porn”. Further to the point, “nude” (with or without pubic hair) doesn’t necessarily have to mean “pornographic”, although I understand this can be subjective.

    Ultimately, though, we’ve got a program where we can create artwork for our own personal use or distribute it to “select” audiences if we so desire. So, as long as the creation and distribution is legal, there shouldn’t be any limits to what one can create with this program (aside from the technical aspect).

    Meaning that since creating porn is legal (at least where I live), using the Generator to create porn shouldn’t be out of bounds.

    Maybe I’m an outlier in wanting to create completely nude female and male characters (especially the latter), but I see this as simply a matter of increasing the creative options available from the program. Let’s be honest with ourselves, there will always be those who will want to create nude characters and don’t have a visual arts bone in their body and/or envision a character you can’t find online (especially one that you can use). Giving them a program that gives them the ability to have a creation they can be proud of is only a bonus.

    Further to the point, as LBandy said, having a nude character gives the creator a “canvas” so to speak. If I want to create or alter different kinds of clothes for my character I can at least clearly see what areas I have to “cover” to get the look right.

    I’ll close with a story. I’m primarily a writer, though I like having visuals of the characters I’m writing about, if nothing else because they’re useful. Sometimes those characters were nude. A few times, I’ve had stories where the characters were nude, “just ’cause”…there was nothing inherently sexual about it. I was a HeroMachine user for years, but HeroMachine has three distinct problems:

    • Their models are very “cartoon-y”
    • You can’t use what you create there for commercial projects
    • There are no “truly nude” models, so getting the clothes to fit right could involve guesswork

    The ePic Generator Pro version solved all those problems for me. I got it in January and I haven’t looked back. By far one of the best purchases I’ve made and that’s no hyperbole. I haven’t come across a creation tool that has more options and/or a better “look” than the Generator.

    In short, the value of a creation tool, aside from how it looks, are the options. Why limit them?