Hey caenis!

    We had many iterations over the price as well as the requirements. Since we already include a commercial license in the Pro version for $50, while other softwares offer it starting at $250, we wanted to stress the importance of the layered export since it basically gives out the source files. We even considered a single price of $200, or a pay per use fee structure, but we weren’t sure what would be the best way to move forward. So we run a survey and got a lot of interesting ideas and suggestions from our existing Pro members, and it helped us to finally come up to where we are now. We wanted to be fair with everybody and provide this option in the most affordable way possible while also keeping an eye on finding an approach that wouldn’t hurt the software in the long term. Most of the current Pro members felt that $50 for the Pro version is reasonable, or even way cheaper than what’s it worth, so adding the PSD Exporter on top of the Pro version for a lower price was a natural step forward.

    As you probably know based on the past 6 years we’ve had the software running, we usually do 25% discounts, and only ever done a 30% once. We’ll probably never do that again, simply because we want to be fair to our long time members. If you purchased something for full price, and next week it drops 50% you’d probably be very disappointed. To avoid this we promise, that we’ll never make your purchase obsolete by offering the same thing later on for much cheaper. Our software isn’t something that gets outdated more in the future. Its usefulness will be as good as it is now until some other software fills in the same gap at a much affordable price.

    So, if you need the PSD Exporter I’d suggest considering getting the Pro version during our discount period in the next 2 weeks (it’s almost 40% off this way). Since during a regular sale, 25% off of the Pro’s price is still only $12.5, and we probably never going to do a bigger discount than 25%, it will certainly not get any cheaper than this. I don’t expect us to include the PSD Exporter in any sale events in the first year or so, and will certainly not do the 2-for-1 deal like now combined with the Pro version.

    I do understand your point though, we all live on money, and we have to prioritize our budgets accordingly. Sometimes we can’t fit certain things into it, regardless of how much we want it. :\

    I hope this helps to put things into perspective a bit more, but let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.