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    First of all, thanks a lot for your suggestion! Let me answer your questions briefly.

    When we launched the software we had the Human, Dwarf and Elf packs ready. We moved on to create new packages while also asking for lots of feedback on what to improve on. We developed the Anthro Cats, the Modern Humans, and the Ork Male. By the time we were to create an Ork Female, we realized there is a need for a bigger change in how the packs can be used, so we moved on to create the packs in Season #2, with better quality and additional improvements in terms of mixing items between packages. As a result, the Ork Male never received his partner sadly. The Anthro Cats missing their tails is also a very good observation. I don’t think I ever noticed that (we started doing tails as separate items only later in Season #2).

    When we launched Season #2, we had an almost equal amount of Female and Male packages, and only 3 Muscular Male packs. Once again, we were asking for feedback, and also monitored which packs are selling the most (this gives a good indicator of what people are most interested in) and we quickly saw an increasing demand for Female packs, while there wasn’t much need for more Male and especially Muscular Male packages from the community. We knew Kelemelan was an avid sci-fi Male fan, so we created some Forum Challenges packs in those settings to try to grow his arsenal. 🙂

    At the moment I don’t believe Season #1 or #2 will receive additional “official” packages. The Developer program is open to anyone who wants to create additional artwork, but since only an exported base png is provided and not the 3D model itself (we can’t give that away because of licensing reasons) I think it’d be really hard to actually come with a meaningful wardrobe in a similar quality to what we have now.

    In Season #3 we’re focusing on working with different artists and in various art styles. The aim of those packages is to create something fresh and different to what we had so far and see which directions are more interesting to the community, which we can further develop. We’ll keep your suggestions in mind when deciding on what to create in those packs, along with many other good ideas we got from our recent Questionnaire.

    We are also looking at opening up other aspects of character customization, which we believe will solve some of the concerns above. We’ll see. 🙂

    I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but this is all I can provide at the moment. Please feel free to comment any further, I’m always here to learn more about your needs and try to steer the direction of the software in a way that’d be best for everyone, but there are some limitations I can’t overcome sadly.