No Bandy, I did not receive it… decided to try coming back today and it seems even harder to find anything.

    I went round in circles several rounds before I found this thread again.  I have not tried to load epic lately,

    and just thought I would visit to see if there was any further conversations or updates, not sure if I have issues or not, surely hope I don’t.

    I also miss having a little more control over my user profile, don’t like at all that I suddenly found my gravatar avi linked…. I am so over all these sites linking you to eachother, it makes it very unprivate. Been getting lots of unwanted mails lately too, NOT from here, but just because all these other places, like WP for instance, and googoo too lol, from spam that says stuff like, “your email was triggered by etc etc, and lots have been from some fake newsletter at some sh*t email, it is darned confusing, as well as intrusive. Anyway….

    Sorry to come and complain, but it is frustrating. I really like this little graphic software, and hope to see it continue progressing a long time, but I miss the fact that the coziness is gone from the forum and it has become so sterile.

    <3 BTW where are the freakin emojis 😉

    EDIT: HA just noticed if I use certain type codes emojis will work, but that’s too much work LMAO!!

    All I have to say then is 🙁 lol let’s see if that worked…