Hi emian,

    Sorry to hear about your issue! The Can’t connect to the server is a typical message which means that the software, well, can’t connect to the server. It isn’t related to your account or log in status, it simply says that it’s unable to get a reply from the server (which is the same as the website is running on) in 30 seconds, so it times out. If the site is up, the server should also be available. Can you double check that you aren’t behind a firewall or router which blocks access to the software?

    As for the Android crash, it’s certainly related to the same root, but the message request is handled a bit differently. This is an issue I’m investigation currently, as it should also launch the same way the PC version does even when being offline.

    Meanwhile I lowered the firewall security level for your ip address as it could also cause some hickups.

    Please let me know how it goes!