I understand that the changing the anatomy of the character can’t be done if they will break other features. I’m not sure how the generator works – if there is an actual 3d model during runtime. With a 3d-model it’s obvious that the dwarf nose for example can’t be changed. If it uses images in different layers there should be a little bit more possibilities: Tails like cat tail, a lions tail, a lizards tail, a devils tail, etc. What about a wooden leg, missing limbs, skeleton-body, semi-transparent “ghost characters” which fade into the background? Longer (sharp) fingernails maybe (the dwarf has great wolverine-claws but I wouldn’t want to use them in fantasy)?

    Of course you will know best what is possible but I think that you can get the most out of the generator if you can stretch each race so that you can actually create a few new creatures too. For example the androcat-salamander doesn’t look like a cat anymore because it’s so far “away” from a regular cat. I think it’s great that there is a ‘zombie’ variation for all races. The elf female das the blueish-skin that could be used to create merfolk etc. Those are great! And all the scaled skins and horns too! I think mermaids, vampires and hairy ape-men could be possible too for most of the races. Every semi-race just need at least 1-2 pieces of suitable clothing in the wardrope to make them really useful. Current orcs make great demons too but you will need to use leather pants with a girdle or boxer shorts which isn’t good 🙂

    The other major thing I think is that each race should have more options so that they can be used to represent many classes and roles:

    – Wizards and sorcerers
    – Beggars
    – Slaves
    – Scholars
    – Angels
    – Kings and queens
    – Princesses
    – Knights
    – Soldiers
    – Priests
    – Monks
    – Ninjas
    – Merchants
    – Blacksmiths
    – Amazon warrioress
    – Tavern wenches
    – Drunks

    I think most of the races have very good options for fighters, rangers, lords, nobles, knights etc but they are lacking in the wizard/beggar/nomad.

    The creature creator minipack sounds very, very interesting! I think that the primary order should be to extend existing races to “semi-creatures” when possible and use a separate mini-pack only if extending isn’t possible. It it might be possible to leave some options to the creature creator (weapons and items in the hands?) even though clothing will probably not work.