thank you for the answer!

– a don’t want put into proram what is change the “anatomy”, because it’s hurt the mix and matchable.. however i’m gladly add a png pack, if you find it useful. (the ork’s anatomy same, just the skin changed)

-vampire fang: i tried, as i tried to add cigar to modern, but it’s looks like unnatural. later i will show it. (if you like it, i’m gladly add some for everybody)

-cat: it have some already (i attach some example), of course i can add more, but the lizards have different anatomy, i attach my old painting’s wip.. but still, anatomy, texture (sorry for my english, i try tell the problem: i want make a portrait generator too, but i cant solva the different face shapes change with skin. it could be good, if everythiing would be grayscale, and after recolor, but it would be..simply ugly :() same problem with adding something to the body ) (i hope i was understandable, sorry for my bad english)

-elf: as i wrote. i show, you will judge it, if you like, we add to the next free update 🙂

-dwarf: for male i cant change his nose, and face anatomy because of the facial hair 🙁 hairy feet is great idea, i will add! but i think a different anatomy for halfling would be much better (im try to make a race what is same great for hobbit-gnomes.

-my other idea is a free minipack: creature creator: satyr-legs, devil legs, mermaid tails, etc and the upper body would be human, and the hair part also horns, fire-hair, etc, and wings, and more. i need polish the idea and execution.

[color=#ff4400]sorry, i make notice for myself:
– try to vampire fangs
– dirty outfit, even ragged (the zombies would be more useful with it too)
– animal/dragon tails
– hair to feet to the dwarf
– robes, mage robes (mage hat)
– to elf drakula skin, perhaps some animalistic skin
– for ork bear/chewbakka skin as full set[/color]

mixing scifi and fantasy i need a focus a little bit, but i also work on it, the random would be simply bad (now the modern male is able to make weird outcome because of the too much type possibilies), but i will make a try (with an half ork like guy,perhaps)

now its more easy (for now and for long term) making a new human race, as patching this. for more reason:
* i dont have the source files
* that was the first race, and i found many little mistakes, i _know_ i could make now 1000x better.