Oh, I didn’t know about the hdd problem. Sorry to hear that.

    My vote is to extend the current races first because that would make them a lot more usefull with only small changes. My suggestion:
    – Orc: Add a few human-like faces (maybe narrower mouth) and they can be used as muscular humans. Everything else (clothing, weapons etc.) already exists.
    – Cats: Add a few skins with scales (like lizards and snakes) and they will make great lizard-men ( https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=lizardmen ). They just need small nostrils instead of the nose – and a long lizard-tail.
    – Elfs: Add the option for vampire fangs so that they can be used as vampires. This should be possible even with a closed mouth. There should be be a pale dracula-skin too. Maybe some blood dripping from the corner of mouth. Another quick ‘subrace’ could be mermaid: Add a mermaid lower-body. Like the snake-lower-body.
    – Dwarfs? Maybe they could get a more human & child-like face options and hairy feet so that they could be used as halflings/hobbits? The dwarf male also needs some hair-styles (without beards) which hide the ears to use them as human.

    This way all races would have some extra-usages. I think that would be very useful. Additionally if you add the dirty clothing, animal fur/leather clothing, mage/druid/priest robes and cloaks and some more none-weapons the existing characters will be extended a lot!

    I think it would be less work (tell me if I’m wrong?) to extend the existing races compared to creating a completely new human race (or other race)? Human is the most important race but at the moment you can use other races to create humans: there is the demo-race, the elf race (hide the ears), orc race (to create a body-builder) and even the dwarfs (hide the ears). This is in addition to the human-package!

    I think in the long run I think you could create fantasy and scifi packages separately on top of a race. At the moment each race is a different package. I think it would make more sense to use the same base. After all the basics (body, skin, hair, clothing, beard, scars, tattoos etc) could be the same for fantasy and scifi! I think fantasy packages have a lot of items that would be interesting for scifi-characters as well. Orc could have something like a chewbacca-skin and the other races would also easily fit into the scifi-theme. All races could have various borg or cyborg-versions. If you buy both scifi & fantasy packages you could be able to mix them. And you could sell two packages for a single race 🙂