Welcome Zsofi 🙂
Great to hear you still play L5R 🙂
I have asian character (hair, character outfits) in my plan, but im afraid not in this year. 🙁 This is the bad news. The good: it’s on the list 🙂
The asian face and body as you know have different anatomy, so you can’t use the program right now. But if i begin working on the asian base model, i will tell you, and ask a comment/suggession, if you dont mind 🙂
(i plan the asian wardrobe not exactly historical, but a little bit fantasy touched, the l5r left influence on me too :))
(and yes, will have many samurai and non samurai weapons (kama))

you cant change the shapre, since the image came from various layers.. and you can’t change, because it would be ugly 🙁 so my solution was i make different body shaped characters.. it’s more work, but i enjoy and learn alot from it.

And i know, its not same, but i gladly make a character to you (under custom illustration you will find the details :))

have a wonderful day