Hi Sade 🙂
    i’m not sure if this is the right topic, but i couldn’t find more appropriate for my questions.
    (i did not buy the program yet, and i dont know what the capabilities are…is there a trial version where i can see what i could do with the full license???)
    we are running a L5R campaign, and for that we need oriental-look portraits, with oriental clothes. Can i create such portrait with the existing modules? Are there any clothes close to a kimono look, or an oriental armor? Are there weapons like katana, wakizashi, naginata etc.?
    How much can i alter the height-weight of the body, or the features of the face? i mean eye shape, nose shape, face width etc.?
    if none from the above can be altered, are there more basic faces for each race and gender, or just one face, and i can only change the color, the skin and the hair, and add some paint or tattoo?