[quote=”greg” post=3776][quote=”sojournstar” post=3748]Might I suggest that you at least move the video box from the bottom of the front page to the first thing you see on the top left, under the menu, and above the news and forum feeds.[/quote]

    Let’s give it a try.
    Video is on top, until you press the login button (it’s a bit down, but the positions where I can put the video is fairly restricted)

    Then it goes under the news / newest.

    How does everyone like it?[/quote]

    I don’t see that it has moved Greg, still in the same place.

    Are we on the Same Page lol….
    the front page http://epicgenerator.net/

    as this is the first thing people usually see when they find you on search, and this is your static url

    Unless I have to clear cookies, I don’t see the vid at the top on that page