You basically do the same as on Steam, except that you need to use “Google Auth” and select a Google account from the popup list first. When you start the software it usually auto logs you in either in your Google account or the tutorial account which is the default fallback one. You can verify that you’re using your Google account by hitting “Logout” in the main menu, then tick “Google Auth” on the login screen and hit the “Login” button. If you haven’t already authorized your Google account a box will appear where you can select the account you want to use for the login. We won’t be accessing any data available in your Google account, only use the unique id generated by the platform. Once you logged in using Google Auth you can hit “Logout” again, untick “Google Auth” and enter your username and password you used when registering on this site. When you are logged in your accounts will be linked and will be rewarded a free pack you can exchange on your Profile page. Also from now on any purchase you make either on our site or on Google Play will be registered to the same account and will be available on any platform you’re running the program. I hope this helps, please let me know if you still need help with anything else.