I think this is a great idea for a future release even if this meant the clothes and body parts within weren’t compatible with the original “front on” release’s. I like the idea that within a game, the “front on” depiction of a character might be what you see on their character card, but where that character is also depicted in an event card, seeing this character depicted from a different angle, (interacting with other characters or performing some kind of generic action for instance) would produce a more pleasing/realistic aesthetic.

    My main use for the ePic Character Generator (when I commit to it) will be for the characters in the boardgame I’m working on. So if I’ve purchased the Pro Bundles, does this entitle me to make my own version of a character generated by them, but with a different aspect (ie from behind) and still legally utilise it within the game? Or in other words does the copyright/license using characters generated by the ePic Character Generator cover other versions of such a generated character made outside of the ePic Character Generator?

    3D character models I’ve purchased the license to use have this one great advantage over those made in the ePic Character Generator, ie they can be positioned at any angle before the final shot of them is taken for incorporation in the game. But the sheer range of characters the ePic Character Generator can potentially make, makes this program a very likely purchase for me when I move onto creating characters for the game. I’ll be even more interested in it if I’m free to also make differently angled versions of characters made with the ePic generator or if a future pack might explore such a possibility?